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Dr Chris Handbury

Chris Handbury graduated from the University of Sydney in 1976. After 25 years in private practice he joined the public sector. Since 2000 he has been Principal Dentist in Bundaberg, Queensland and Director Oral Health in Townsville. After a couple of years break to sail the South Pacific he took up a position as Principal Dentist and Program Director in the Northern Territory. He has recently moved to Tasmania as Clinical Director.   Chris has a strong commitment to the betterment of the Oral Health status of the most vulnerable in our society. In the Northern Territory he was part of the team that saw innovative preventive programs introduced to prevent the growing decay rates of young Aboriginal children. The application of Fluoride Varnish (Duraphat®) by trained Primary Health Care Workers in remote communities was one of these programs. He has been a strong advocate for increased services to remote communities in the Northern Territory in partnership with Non-Government Aboriginal Medical Services. He is a strong supporter of Minimal Intervention Dentistry (MID) and sits on the National MID forum.   Chris also currently serves on the Australian Dental Council Accreditation Committee.   Dr Handbury joined the Oral Health Advisory Panel to advocate for treatment and prevention policies that predominantly benefit those in most need, while also improving both oral and general health for all.

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