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Julie Barker

Julie Barker is a registered dental therapist with over 30 years of experience in the public sector in Queensland. She has worked in both rural and metropolitan areas in clinical, management and oral health promotion capacities.   Julie is a Past National President of the Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapists’ Association, and is currently the President of the Queensland Branch.   Julie is passionate about her profession and the services provided to the community and she is a strong advocate for dental and oral health therapists and accessible oral health care for the community. She has travelled widely throughout Australia and overseas representing and advocating for her profession. She has recently completed the Global Child Dental Fund, Senior Dental Leadership Program at Harvard University.   Julie was appointed to the National Advisory Council on Dental Health in 2012 and has sat on a number of advisory committees representing her profession both state and nation wide.   She has presented at a number of forums on the topic of workforce and policy reform. Julie is a member of a number of groups including the Alliance for a Cavity Free Future, Minimum Intervention Dentistry National Working Party, National Oral Health Alliance, the Australian Society for Special Care in Dentistry, the Australasian Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the International Association for Paediatric Dentistry.   Julie joined the Oral Health Advisory Panel to be an advocate for the vital role played by dental and oral health therapists, as well as ensuring equitable access to health care across the community, particularly for children.

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