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Lindy Sank

BSc. Hons (Psych) (Univ. Capetown) Dip.Ther.Diet. (Univ. Capetown) APD (Accredited Practising Dietitian)

Lindy has worked as a dietitian since qualifying in 1982, with the first 10 years spent in medical facilities in Capetown South Africa and then in Sydney.   Since starting her work in 1993 as a dietitian in the oral health field she has had a passionate and ongoing interest in the many ways diet and nutrition is associated with oral health and general health.   Lindy is a member of the local Oral Health Promotion Committee and makes many contributions to promoting oral health in community, educational and professional settings. She has had continued accreditation and membership with DAA (Dietitians Association Australia).   Lindy joined the Oral Health Advisory Panel to advocate for increased awareness about the ways in which diet and nutrition impact both oral and general health outcomes.

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