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Dr Louise McCuaig

BHMS (Education), PhD

Dr Louise McCuaig currently coordinates the Health and Physical Education (HPE) teacher education program at The University of Queensland, School of Human Movement Studies and a representative of the Australian Council of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER).Louise’s teaching and research addresses the curriculum, pedagogical and assessment practices of school based health education, and the impact of teacher education, caring teachers and health literacy curricula on young people’s healthy living practices. Louise’s research relating to health literacy and salutogenic models of health and wellbeing contributed to the development of two foundational propositions underpinning the recently devised Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education.As a leader of the HPE profession, Louise has served on a range of committees for organisations such as ACHPER, Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Education Queensland, Health Promoting Schools Association and the ACARA Health and Physical Education Advisory Panel. Louise’s innovative work within HPE teacher education and professional development has been recognised with the awarding of a Carrick Institute Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, Family Planning Queensland Roll of Honour and Australian Professional Teachers Association (APTA) Meritorious Contribution to the Profession Award.

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