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Dr Merrilyn Hooley

Dip App Sc (Dental Therapy), BA (Psychology)(Hons), Grad Cert Higher Education, PhD

Merrilyn graduated with a Diploma in Applied Science (Dental Therapy) in 1982 and worked for a number of years in public dentistry within the Victorian School Dental Service. She developed an interest in the ways individuals’ personalities and moods affected their response to dental treatment and began studying Psychology part time in 1992, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) in 1999, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Honours) in 2001, PhD in 2007, and Graduate Certificate of Higher Education in 2012.   Since 2009, Merrilyn has worked as a developmental psychologist in the School of Psychology, Deakin University, Melbourne where she is a senior lecturer. Her research interests revolve around parenting and parent-child relationships and the ways these factors influence children’s health (dental health and obesity) and psychological outcomes.   Merrilyn joined the Oral Health Advisory Panel to advocate for greater awareness about how psychological factors can influence oral and general health outcomes, and incorporating this knowledge into training and practice environments.

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